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No longer what I was, devoid of purpose, devoid of pride


No longer what I was,

devoid of purpose, devoid of pride

taken from me, all in your stride.

Crocodile tears of your inner fears

bringing me home, separating

dividing me from my peers.

Once I stood tall and proud,

now I'm but whisper in the crowd.

A shadow of my former self

there's nothing left to give

no life left to live

where once my head could not be turned

now I am forever spiralling

always down, always alone


Less than I was, less than a man

everything taken. No fight

no way to stand.

You chipped away a piece at a time

now complain that I am who I am

you wonder why I achieve so little

when all along you made me feel like a zero.

My feelings were never your concern

only your own, why didn't I learn.

I was warned to leave, to get out

to run, but I didn't listen.

Years have passed, and now neither of us are happy

we should have called it off before we had a family.

Now here we are in a shared pit of despair

not looking at each other. Not an ounce of care.

When will it end.

It has to end.

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