Why am I number 2?
Why am I number 2? sports stories

marymalone Fangirl victim of reality.
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I play football because I love it, but lately, I just keep struggling with my motivation to play.
I created this to remember who I am.

Why am I number 2?

by marymalone

To answer the question, I must first explain, how much a number can mean.

It is not just a way to tell players apart It is not a simple code It is how to you identify yourself in the game

And for me... This particular number reminds me the reasons I play.

I can’t be number 1, because I’m not alone. It’s a team game, you are supposed to work on sink with others. And I love to be part of a team

I love that we share the same goals, we all have the same ambitions… To be better players and to prove it on the field.

Reason number 2 is the most complex.

I want to be someone (everyone does), but playing this game helps me focus on that goal. Helps me grow up as a person, and it gives me the chance to test myself every day.

I can see the improvement, I see changes on who I am And each day, I’m closer to become the person I want to be.

I’m number 2, because of two reasons:

1. My team is my family.

2. I can become the person I aspire to be.

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