FtM transgender stories
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martianvenusian a casual affair with writing
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An address from a transgender teen, for those unlike himself.


My rib cage is now shaped like a bell

I would cry in pain, not knowing I could flatten my chest with anything other than ace bandages.

My phone goes unanswered

The other end of the line tends to call me “ma’am”

I taught myself how to alter clothing

Men’s pants don’t come this short

I have gotten multiple UTIs

Pain is better than being harassed in every public bathroom

I’m scared to ride my bike

In ninth grade I was followed by a group of men shouting “dyke”, “faggot”

An entire church prayed for my “release from the devil”

Before removing my unwilling soul from their midst

I am transgender. And you, reader, may not be. If so, I only ask that you listen. Understand Be better for those like me in the future. This story may not be yours to tell, But it is yours to remember.

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