Eternal blazing flame of the frozen kingdom in time
Eternal blazing flame of the frozen kingdom in time stories

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Delve into the short fantasy of practitioners and mortals. With an old enemy appearing, and the ancestors hibernating still mortally injured. Unable to prevent the destruction of the fruits of their labour, sweat, blood, and tears.

Eternal blazing flame of the frozen kingdom in time

Immortal Calendar New Heart year 195,248

The kingdom was flourishing, dragons flew through the sky. Bringing riches, fame, and prosperity to the New Heart Kingdom. Minstrels sang, and the harpers harped. It was a time of well-blessings and festivities. 195,248 years ago the New Heart King cut down the evil that was invading this realm. Since then the New Heart Kingdom had been in prosperity.

The years past although times were peaceful, there was always one saying the New Heart Kingdom citizens lived by.

"Because of the blood shed by the three ancestors. Sacred Flame Immortal, Obisidan, Catherine our swords must stay sharp. Our spirit everlasting, eyes are full of foresight, our freedom and prosperity a gift they sacrificed their lives for. Must never be neglected or shamed, or the Sacred Flame incinerates your spirit, for the lack of appreciation they allowed our generation to have."

During such festivities held each year, from the west to the east, and from the north to the south. Everyone gathered at the capital in the centre of the kingdom. New Heart City a tradition that was never was forgotten. From all corners of the kingdom Sword, Sabre, Spirit, Martial Art practitioners gather to spar against each other.

This brought upon a sense of pride and obligation. To continue improving oneself, for disaster can strike at any moment. With the blood, and the sweat shed by these practitioners. Everyday ordinary citizens could live peacefully, learning all sorts of hobbies Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Acupuncture, Foraging, Incantations, Runes, Antiques.

Each region sent their most influential practitioners. The practitioners had their celebrations, and the citizens had their own. Every ten years there is a festival held in the capital, where a select theme for their celebration was chosen. And this one's theme was "10 years in the future."

Many stalls were set up with various innovations allowing people to become famous, with their name resounding across the vast kingdom. Booths were set up for Blacksmiths, Tailors, Chefs, Futuristic clothes putting out their product. And most importantly their ten years into the future dreams.

Various types of ideas blossomed, the citizens prospered, and the practitioners fought to protect these dreams of ordinary people. There were multiple forms of fashion, clothes that changed colour and design based on the mood of the person. Food canisters where food was bagged and could be preserved for up to one year.

And when one wanted to eat their favourite foods from various cities. They would put the bagged food into the canister, and it would warm back up with the flavour it had when first cooked.

Flying swords, Wind rider motorcycles, Mecha suits, Virtual Reality games, Training camps. Everything people could dream of, the ten years into the future theme provided it with all the ideas, and the ambitious the great minds huddled together to create.

It reached noon when the majority of the population gathered, to participate, watch, and walk around the various booths. Families walked hand in hand. If their child got lost in the bustling crowd. There were robots the children could go to. Explaining what their parent's looks like, their voice, and where they were before getting lost.

With the information gathered the numerous microsatellites controlled by practitioners, search for the children's parents.

Upon reaching evening on a big stage, performance is played by musician practitioners. The lyrics flow into the mind of everyone present. Each experiencing a separate world of their own. Poet's recite their books, where the souls of those present enter the poet's stories. Inside the people explore the vast world written by the poet. As well as with each individuals comprehension, the story shows alternate endings.

All this joy, cheer, and bustling activity is suddenly brought to a grinding halt. A fissure appears in the sky. A devilish looking man appears floating in mid-air. The ordinary people are clueless, while the practitioners are shaking in their boots. Their belief steady in their ancestor's oath, even with the unstoppable power of this devilish man. Their fervour always burns, igniting like the sun travelling in troubled times.

The man had Purple draconic wings, long black hair spiked up like a porcupine. One eye was a purple-gold colour, and the other was a white-black colour. One represented authority and power, the other represented life and death.

His voice rolls like distant thunder, shaking the ground and knocking many unconscious from the unbearable presence he emits. "Judgement day has come. Your ancestors had given you all a very long 190,000 years of peace. Your ancestors put up a remarkable fight, but in the end, I slaughtered your ancestors like they were ants.

My injuries have healed over this long period of time. And now it is time I finished my job, wiping out the New Heart Kingdom."

The practitioners stand tall, unwilling to let their kingdom be burned to the ground. The lives and everyone's dreams 10 years into the future from now. Unsheathing their swords, the practitioners calm their minds. Erasing all fear they harbour, for if they back away now, who will be the one to protect their peace?

Consolidating each other's breathing to combine into one. Each rotation of their sword's shining brighter and elegant. Finally, all the practitioners dip their sword into to ground as their movements combine.

The practitioners yell out with pride, and those ready to sacrifice themselves. "This is our home, our land, prosperity, beauty, and our loved ones stand behind us. If we are so pathetic as to run away now. We will be damning our ancestors who fought you 190,000 years ago."

Laughing coldly and viciously the devilish man lifts his right hand up. A black-white yin-yang symbol forms in his hands. Expanding, throbbing, swishing the yin-yang symbol forms into a three-star pentagram. The devilish man speaks out like the hammer of the judge. "Very well your ancestors may have won my respect mortally wounding me. However, that does not mean my goals are to be postponed."

The yin-yang, three-star pentagram shatters into trillions of black-white coloured dots. Landing on the practitioners and the civilians. Everyone as if seeing medusa, slowly turn into stone. Against unstoppable power, all resistance is futile. But their hearts stay true. For their ancestors, their kingdom is home and is the future hope.

The various houses, roads, trees, flowers, architectures, everything in the kingdom turns into stone. Dried tears, the raging tide of the practitioner's spirits. Everything as if drawn by a master level artist is frozen in time on the canvas known as the New Heart Kingdom.

In the centre of the Kingdom underground, a flame burns with everlasting life. The kingdom and it's people may be frozen, but the lifeline of the empire the Blazing Iceheart Flame burns forever. The kingdom's people may forever be frozen in 'time.' However, the three ancestors lay awake helpless inside the flame.

A sigh full of sadness and unwillingness is heard from within. "In the end, we were not able to protect our kingdom and its people. We rest here helpless, powerless, and useless to our beloved people. At least we can let this flame blaze eternally, where our life and our kingdom. Can forever stand in place 'home' and not a bunch of rubble."

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