Crybaby -Min Yoongi-
Crybaby -Min Yoongi- stories
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Saddest boy he has to be...

Crybaby -Min Yoongi-

Saddest boy he has to be

Salty tears stream down his cheek

His heart's bigger then his body

His name is Min Yoongi

"Yoongi, you suck! Why do you cry all the time!" It hurts to hear that from your mother, but i'm used to it. I hear this all the time.

I see her all the time, drunk, still holding the bottle, taking a sip and then saying nasty things.

Yes, i cry a lot. Tears just come out of the dark like someone is turning the handle to the faucet in my eyes. And I can't hold them in so everyone sees.

I don't even care about it anymore, I let the tears drop, I let them fall to the ground.

Friends? What are those? I don't have them, they all think I'm weird. They see my tears but not the reason for them to fall. They don't understand. It makes the tears come back again.

But I can't show them, they already don't like me. So i just laugh trough my tears.


The handle gets turned..

And the tears just drop..

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