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Dark Poem

Red Love

She looked at him, a look insane.

He held her hand and gave a sigh.

No regrets; only love.

Love, the purest thing; a white dove.

Yet all was fair in love and war and this was both,

As they both knew.

So what impurity! And what disgrace?

There was love; must not that be enough.

Yes there was evil but in that evil

had two souls merged

So was not that pure, and wasn't it love?

And was not that enough!

Tell me if there be Someone above,

So what if they stood in a bloody room,

With hands painted red;

The blood of the poor souls,

Souls that lay,

Lay beneath their feet.

Was not Red that united the two,

and dare I say, united them all, all in the room!

And if I have dared, a step further will I go,

And ask You, was not love one of Your plans?

And do You not find beauty deep within its throbbing heart.

And did You not want to line worshippers,

At the foot of Love's shrine.

So what if Hell be their final stay,

They are sure of the happiest of days,

And a happy ending, forever after,

Like in the stories, you know!

So what if she be the semblance of Lady Macbeth,

And he be the conniving Iago.

Its a perfect pair made in Hell, I tell you!

They together will lay,

Lay in that final station,

Together forever, even in Fire.

And all the evil of this world

Will rejoice,

So what if they,

They Rejoice,

A fleeting moment,

An everlasting doom.

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