Under The Same Sky || Hajoon {prologue}
Under The Same Sky || Hajoon {prologue} fanfiction stories

marniedavage 25 England
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Hajoon and Soo Hyeon are in a relationship and they couldn't be happier. But The Rose's debut date is getting closer and then it's time for Hajoon to leave with the band.

Can they make a long distance relationship work?

'Those memories, our memories
They make me look back suddenly
Those times were better
Those days were happier'

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Under The Same Sky || Hajoon {prologue}

"Don't go where I can't follow." I whispered, just barely audible so he wouldn't hear it.

But he had, somehow.

He turned to me, so I could see his watery eyes, the ones that matched mine at this very moment, and he sent me a small smile.

"Hyeon, you knew the debut date was coming up and you knew that I would be away a lot with the band." He grasped my hand in one of his, sharing with me his warmth.

"We can still call each other everyday and talk through social media."

I sniffed and let the tears flow down my cheeks.

"Don't cry." He wiped my tears and pulled me into his chest, then started stroking my hair comfortingly. "Before you know it, we'll see each other again."

"Promise?" My words came out muffled, because my face was buried in his shirt.

"I promise."

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