Neighbour || Im Jaebum {Chapter 1}
Neighbour || Im Jaebum {Chapter 1} jaebum stories

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The day Eun Mi met her new neighbour her life changed.


Neighbour || Im Jaebum {Chapter 1}

She struggled to make her way down the steep wooden steps, the washing basket heavy in her arms.

Why couldn't she have a washing machine in her apartment? Ugh...

Every time she had to wash her clothes she would have to go down into the basement where the laundry-room was located. It was so tiring, but she had to do it.

Nearly every time she was the only one there and it enabled her to have some time alone with her thoughts; more than she already was when she was alone in her apartment.

However, this was one of them times when she wasn't the only one there. Sat upon a counter, holding a cup filled with what she presumed was coffee, was a handsome male.

He was someone she hadn't encountered before, and she would've recalled someone who looked like him: black hair was sweptback revealing his forehead and the two moles above his eye.

Chestnut eyes and lips that were lifted into a smile as he took in the girl before him.

She blushed slightly and turned away, mostly to avoid his gaze.

She loaded her washing into the machine and then switched it on.

After that she slumped on the small couch that was placed randomly at the edge of the room, plugging in her earphones as she did so.

She was so into the music that she was startled when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

She jumped about a mile in the air and pulled out one of her earphones.

"Man, you scared me." She clutched her chest and felt her racing heart beneath her palm.

Is it racing from the scare just now, or glimpsing his attractive face up close?

His eyes became crescent moons as he laughed at her reaction.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." He said, after he was done laughing. His voice was rich and smooth like silk, it instantly wrapped round her and calmed her rapidly beating heart.

"It's... it's fine." She stuttered. "Can I help you with something?"

"Ah no," he laughed again and scratched the back of his head in nervousness, "I was just wondering what you were listening to."

He sure is friendly. Is he like this with everybody he's just met?

"Oh..." Eun Mi smiled at his question. She was slightly intrigued by this guy; he was amusing. "They're a local band. You probably haven't heard of them."

She went back to focusing on her phone and tried to stop her cheeks from turning red.

Can he stop looking at me now?

Luck wasn't on her side today...

"Ah, just tell me." He flashed her his winning smile. "I've heard of many bands, so I might know them."

"Okay." She rolled her eyes playfully and said, "they're a newish band known as Bts, their songs are really good!" Her eyes lit up and she was getting over excited.

Talking about her favourite band was her favourite past time.

"I know them!" The guy said, observing the girl as she fangirled over Bts. "In fact, my bandmates and I are good friends with them."

"Really!" Eun Mi squeaked, her voice reaching high octaves. "You know them? And you're in a band?" In her excitement she grabbed his hands and leaned closer to him.

"Y-yes." The guy as startled for a moment and then quickly composed himself. "My friends and I are in a band called Got7."

"Oooo I've heard of you." Eun Mi brightened further.

"You have?" The guy was happy to hear that and then masked it by acting cool.

When her excitement died down, they turned to casual conversation:

"So are you new to this apartment building?"

"Sure am."

"Well, it's nice to meet you." Eun Mi smiled at him and then held out her hand. "My name is Eun Mi Han, what's yours?"

"Nice to meet you, Eun Mi Han." He took her hand in his and said, "I'm Im Jaebum, but you can call me JB."

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