From Riches To Rags || Tamaki Suoh {Chapter 1}
From Riches To Rags || Tamaki Suoh {Chapter 1} romance stories

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(Y/n) was your typical rich girl and Tamaki's childhood friend. And then one day she loses it all: him, her riches and she's left with nothing but rags. Who can help her piece it all back together?


From Riches To Rags || Tamaki Suoh {Chapter 1}


"Tamaki may I come in?" The young girl stood outside her friends door, and held the teddy he had given her close to her chest.

She sniffed and tried to hold back the tears that threatened to spill down her pale cheeks.

When she heard a muffled 'come in', she opened the door and shuffled over the threshold.

Once Tamaki saw the tears in her eyes and her sad expression, he ran over to her and gently took her arm, pulling her over to his bed and sitting her down on the edge of it.

He knelt down before her and asked, "what's wrong (y/n)? Please don't look so sad." 

Tamaki had known (y/n) since they were in diapers and unbeknownst to her, she was his first love. He might have been young, but he was old enough to know what it meant to like someone.

(y/n) had her head burrowed in her teddies fur so her reply was muffled, "I'm moving."

Tamaki had to strain his ears to hear her, and all he understood was 'moving.'

He blinked at her and put his hands on her trembling knees. 

"Moving? Who's moving?!"

That was when (y/n) lifted her head up and wailed, "I am! We're moving to England in a few days."

Her tears were now like a never ending stream and it broke Tamaki's tiny heart.

He got up off his knees, moved the teddy out of the way and hugged her to him, stroking her hair in a comforting manner.

"Don't cry (y/n). No matter how far you are I'll always be there for you. We'll meet again someday." 

"Y-y-you promise?" She hiccuped and lifted her face, so teary (e/c) eyes met smiling amethyst ones.

He grinned at her widely and said,"I promise!"

{{Flashback end}}

(y/n) remembered that her parents came to collect her, and then they had to get everything ready for their departure the next day.

With one last goodbye to Tamaki and a kiss on the cheek, she left and didn't see him for ten years.

After the first two years they lost contact: due to them being in different countries, the differing time-zones and their extremely hectic lives.

They were both heirs to their parents' companies after all.

It was said that (y/n) was young, beautiful and wealthy. She didn't have a care in the world, not for money or anything. Money was just always there when she needed or wanted it.

At the time, (y/n) could be seen as another rich, spoiled brat and during this period she was just that. She didn't have to worry about anything.

And then one of the harshest things that could happen to her family happened: after ten years of living a happy live,

her father's company went bankrupt and they were left with practically nothing.

(y/n) was young and beautiful, but she was no longer wealthy.

The following year after that, she had to learn to do things by herself and she left her private school and entered a public school, leaving her old friends behind.

Luckily, she made some friends at her new school.

(y/n) went from riches to rags in just ten years and she learnt to deal with it.

She was no longer the rich brat, she was now independent and no longer relied on the things she didn't even need in the first place.

A while later, she received an unexpected letter from a prestigious school known as Ouran High School and within that letter she read she had won a scholarship for that year.

Also, there were three plane tickets for them.

Ouran was a affluent school, so why couldn't they send them a means of transportation? Right?

(y/n) wasn't going to question it, as she had been missing her old home and a certain childhood friend.

It took a while to convince her parents,

and they decided to stay in England because of (y/n)'s father's new job: he had started working in some company; he had to start from the bottom all over again.

(y/n) had found a narrow apartment on the outskirts of town, and it might have been far from what she coveted, but it was better than nothing.

Of course she missed her parents, but she needed to be more independent and her parents trusted her.

(y/n) was now sixteen and entering her first year of high school, she had always been one of the oldest in her year.

Now stood outside her new school and nerves filled her stomach, making it do somersaults. Her knuckles were turning white as she clutched her studded backpack in her hand.

She jumped a little when she heard two hyper voices behind her.

"Aren't you going in?" Asked the first voice.

"Or are you just going to stand there all day?" Asked the second voice.

Turning round, she looked up at the two guys who were standing behind her; they both had orange hair and matching eyes. Twins.

"I'm s-s-sorry. I was just going in." She stuttered. 

(y/n) had never been good at meeting new people.

The twins looked her up and down and started barraging her with questions.

"Are you new here?"

"Where's your uniform?"

"Are you a commoner?"

"What class are you in?"

"I'm in class 1-a." She decided to just acknowledge one of their questions.

There were two reasons as to why she wasn't wearing the uniform:

1. It was just hideous. It was a pale yellow, which didn't go well with (y/n)'s complexion like at all and it was just too poofy.

2. (y/n) couldn't afford it, it was absurdly pricey. Plus (y/n) was more comfortable in her new clothes.

Today she wore a dark red jumper, the one with the black peter-pan collar and ripped, black skinny jeans. On her head she had a red beanie, that dipped low at the back.

She was comfortable, and she didn't care about getting into trouble.

She did care, however, that people were gawking at her as they went past and all asking the same questions.

"Is she a commoner?" Was the most popular one.

She turned bright red and began to walk away from the twins. That was before they draped an arm over her shoulders and began steering her towards the gates.

"Yay we're in 1-a too!" They cheered. "We'll walk you there, so you don't get lost." 

They both smirked at her as they walked to the classroom.

After a very eventful lesson, of people staring and others asking her why she wasn't in uniform, she was tired and just wanted to go home.

But then she saw some people walking up the stairs, mostly girls. She wondered what they were doing and forgot about going home, as she followed behind them.

The girls finally came to a stop outside music room #3 and they opened the door, letting out a stream of dazzling light and a overpowering stench of perfume, making (y/n) gag.

What the hell goes on in there? She thought opening the door.

She stepped into the room and was blinded by a bright light, and rose petals of different colours rained down on her.

"Welcome to the Ouran High School Host Club!" A group of guys cried, as (y/n) blinked her eyes to regain her still-blinded vision.

Once she could see again, she observed a bunch of girls clustered around tables and not only that, seated in the middle of it all were seated six ridiculously attractive guys.

The first thing (y/n) noticed was that one of the guys, the one with large eyes and clipped brown hair, looked like a girl and (y/n) knew that in fact he was a she.

Why would a girl be pretending to be a guy?

Well it's not like it was any of (y/n)'s business; she had plenty of things she didn't want people to know.

The second thing she noticed, as she curiously looked around the room, was the blonde-haired, amethyst-eyed male who was surrounded by the most girls and was calling them all 'princesses.'

It was what he had called her, and only her, when they were nothing but children and now they were older, she could see that Tamaki had grown up well. He was now an attractive, young man.

A blush rose to her cheeks as feelings she thought she had buried long ago rose to the surface, filling her chest with warmth.

"Can I assist you miss?" Asked a particular raven-haired male who was pushing up his glasses with his index finger and holding a clipboard under his arm.

"Um no, I was just leaving." She mumbled, going to turn away.

"If you'll excuse me." She slightly bowed and opened the door.

"Wait!" A new voice said, taking her hand in one of their own and making her turn back round. Brown eyes had been replaced by amethyst ones, the eyes that held so many memories.

The memories that had now come to the surface, making her eyes water. "You're (y/n) aren't you?"

He jumped on her and knocked the breath out of her as he bought her closer to him.

"I've missed you so much (y/n)."

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