Dark triad
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Love was the demon that almost killed me. Then reincarnated into my guardian angel.

Dark triad

He was fantasizing of pink delusions

While I was swimming in black thoughts

Thinking everything would get better if I had you by my side

Wrote you down on all of my conclusions

With blind eyes, burned by your Cuban cigars

Living without you, like singing about you under a lonely dark graveyard

I casted 12 love-hate curses

Then gave you their potions

Made of my blood

I really meant no misuses

Just couldn't handle your refuses

And love's funeral in my back yard

Sucking tears of my notebook

I'm sick of my old look that you've liked

So I ripped off you pages, and declared new phases, inside forgetness cave, where I hide

I cried on my best friend's hood

And laughed with her humor that you've always despised

Burnt my rose plant pot, killed my only lovely God, for the dark triad

Depression for a year

found a home and grew Just below my ear, whispering my fears

Narcissism, told me to be

a God above all of thee

where are my feels?

Sociopathy, calling from beyond my brain, seeing everyone's pain

Happiness is what she sees

Couldn't feel weaker, couldn't live better, where's your love dad?

Break the news, your son couldn't do

drowned in little dark dew.

I'm so sad

Couldn't fight the monsters

now they're howling inside me

and under my bed

I've been tearing my path down, embracing this dark triad

I called upon you, but all I had from you is that useless chat

I'm fine and I'm happy, it's what you've gathered from my talk

But you're wrong about that

I'll keep surviving, and I'll keep thriving

Their love is showing me my might

I'll keep surviving and I'll keep growing

Their love is holding my hand tight

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