Count the days
Count the days zombie apocalypse stories

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My entry for the zombie apocalypse. Warning: slight violence, depressing.

Count the days

Six days. not quite a week, still too long. Six days since it broke out. Six days since we got the news.

Five days since we left Washington and drove away from the only home I had known. Five days since I had to shoot my best friend in the head.

Four days since Mom got sick. Four days since the car broke down. Four days since we started to walk.

Three days since Mom got worse.Three days since she started coughing up blood. Three days since I covered my brother's eyes as we heard a sickening thud and Dad sobbing.

Two days since we were picked up by the survivors.Two days since they gave us a medical exam. Two days since I heard them arguing.

One day since I woke up and Dad was gone. One day since we ran out of food.One day since they took my brother away.

Six days. Six days is all it takes for your life to fall apart. Six days. Six days since the world ended.

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