Chapter 2
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Broken wings chapter 2.

Chapter 2

Faintly, you could see a golden substance on the ground, trailing into the woods. To the untrained, human eye it may seem like a spill of car fluid or not even noticeable.

However, to a trained bounty hunter's eye, it was obviously ichor, the blood of the divine. Yes, you heard that right.

Bounty Hunters were quite common in modern times, humans just didn't know they existed.

While bounty hunting was looked down upon by most people that were knowledgeable of this side of the world, it made a pretty penny. For those that were successful.

Being a bounty hunter cost money, lots of it. There was gear, bait, and putting food in our stomachs to consider.

Johnathan and I were bounty hunters, which meant we had plenty of gear, plenty of demonic enemies and little funds.

John and I had seen our fair share of demon blood and the occasional ichor but this was like something I'd never seen before. Ichor looked like liquid gold and was practically worth as much.

The Elite class has golden blood, angels, divine messengers, etc. Some of the lower-elite class, (still millionaires) have costly blood transfusions to feel closer to the higher-ups.

Stupid thing to do, if you ask me. Everyone knows that demon blood looks like ink, pure black like the spot where their souls should be. this stuff in the ground looked like...

someone mixed them both together.

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