Chapter 1
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Chapter one of broken wings.

Chapter 1

"Theo, you might want to see this." I set my cup of ramen noodles on our old coffee table and called over my shoulder to my partner. "What is it, Lee?" came a groggy voice from the kitchen.

"Get in here!" I yelled. There was a groan, a shuffling and Theo emerged from the kitchen in pajama pants, a t-shirt and holding a steaming cup of coffee. "What, what?" he grumbled.

I indicated the TV where the news was broadcasting. "-and here we see a mysterious crater created here in the middle of Loftbalm field.

Our scientists are puzzled as to how this was formed, but they have theories that it may have been created by falling space debris." The camera did a close up of a smoking crater.

Theo squinted at it and motioned with his hand, "Zoom in a bit?" I paused the news and zoomed in on the picture of the crater. "My god, what is that?" He exclaimed softly.

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