Poems for Kim
Poems for Kim stories

markdavidhunt Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
I know she wont read these but I have to keep writing.

Poems for Kim

I found you on a spring time day

I couldn't find the words to say

An Angel stood in front of me

How in the world could I believe

That Heaven sent down from above

Someone that I could finally love

Your lips, your eyes, your golden hair

I could fall for you, or do I dare

So there I fell down on my knees

You were so high I couldn't see

Your world had torn and ripped apart

And left you with a broken heart

Guess I'm a thief, I stole your kiss

I wish that I had known the risk

When I met you on that spring time day

I wish I'd found the words to say

You couldn't love less take a breath

Looking back now I should have left

But I set you free so you could fly

Now all I want to do is die

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