The Ladder
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mariowalker Poet, Author, and Youtuber
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A poem about me climbing up my ladder for success.

The Ladder

I climb up the ladder.

I'm getting so close to the top I can see it.

The climb was scary but I knew I couldn't stay in the gutter.

I know there's more for me than the concrete,

So I made up my mind that I was going to chase my dreams in spite of defeat.

This climb is beyond riches, it's beyond fame.

it's living for a greater cause, it's pleasing his name.

I climb this ladder everyday because I know this climb will bring a great testimony.

I know that Millions of people will be inspired by my story.

Despite all the negativity in my environment,

I keep my head up because I know there's better on the other side.

Even on cloudy days there's still sunshine.

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