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marioluna Community member
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Patiently outspoken here I've spoken Thinking about it as i say it


Patiently outspoken here I've spoken

Thinking about it as i say it

Take me on another ride one more token

Smile as i see your face

Think what have i become

What happened to all my grace

Cheerfully i say hello

How are you today

Inside i stay all so mellow

Inside im not blue like they say

I feel dark inside

Two trains collided going the wrong way

Yet i feel when i see you

All things change but never for good

For all that i knew was never true

Two little souls wonder by

Tell me things, show me things

That i always try to deny

The smallest soul has the biggest truth

Misunderstood not just mistook

Thinking how young what youth

I close my eyes at times

Slowly the water reaches my neck

You would think it climbs

I feel it close yet i feel like ill wake

Open my eyes wide open

Turn around and see what they did not take

Sometimes i feel like cutting the string

Thinking about it all

So close the meaning nothing

Come to close to my mind

If I'm not careful one day

While i ponder and unwind

Ill see me lost and wont be found

I loose myself wide awake

Sometimes what i see is so profound

Wisper how much you love me

Maybe the wind will carry it through

Leave at my door oh so silently

Waiting for me to disappear

Its not always what it is

We all live in fear

I've just learned to live with it.....

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