An Unlikely Hero
An Unlikely Hero michelle obama stories
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marino hehe
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When the world is saved by an unlikely hero

An Unlikely Hero

Thanos won. He is the most powerful being in the Universe. He has all the Infinity Gems

Life is good

"Hold on hold on hold on", a voice appears

It's Michelle Obama!

Thanos laughs

He is powerful beyond belief. He had defeated the entire Avengers crew

And so he laughs

"What's so funny?"

"That somehow the last savior of the universe"

"Now hold on"

"Don't make me show you my superpowers"

"I'm going to raise taxes on yo ass"

"Hahahaha uhh.....what?"

"That's right. Half of your powers automatically go to me!"

"But.....that's not fair"

"You know what's not fair? I'm going to raise it again. Now 60% goes to me!"


And the world as saved!!

Fuck yeah go Michelle!

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