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by a lost friend

Really, I'm not sure...

Is this? Or is this not another step up?

Today, I...

I looked in the mirror.

Really, yes! I know you can't​ believe it!

But there's more to it than 'looking in a mirror'

1. I had to fight

I struggled against myself to step out of bed. I woke up with all too many demons and monkey swimming and crawling​ on me.

2. Each step was a labour​

It was difficult to even look forwards.

3. Looking down,

I prepared myself. I had sat there a few minutes telling myself, reminding, convincing my ill brain that what it was about to see wasn't what everyone else sees. It wasn't me?

4. Then I looked

I looked up.

I screamed. I shook. I cried for help me as I ran.

I ran away . I only saw for seconds.

I'm not too proud of what I saw.

I saw someone fat. Someone obese, covered in imperfections and scars. I don't know who it was, but it wouldn't have been me.

They say...

The scale says 112. The tape measure says 5'4". The people say I look fine.

So why can't I see it that way?

but still...

I looked...

That's​ all that matters right?

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