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marinabeznos Community member
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Experiment in life; Explore the depths of mind;

Like a scientist

Experiment in life;

Explore the depths of mind;

Hypothesize, but don't make end conclusions.

As for new goals you strive,

Examine thoughts you hide,

And separate true wishes from illusions.

Try out a novel craft,

Find talents that you have,

And reevaluate your expectations.

Write up another draft

Of future for yourself,

While liberating streams of new mentation.

Remove the stains of fears

And of the past dark smears;

Exclude the errors of exaggeration.

Refocus on what's dear,

Yet amplify the sphere

Of your perspectives and imagination.

Be like a scientist -

With interest persist;

Uncover many facets that life offers.

Explore this world; don't miss

The chances at fate's twists.

This life can be enthralling quite so often.

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