Dakota, Chapter 0 "Another reality"
Dakota, Chapter 0

"Another reality"

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mariimari Chilean writer and artist student
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Dakota is a eighteen year old who spends her nights traveling between alternative universes, aka AUs, exploring places and meeting familiar faces.
one afternoon, she finds out that the playable character of a videogame she downloaded is self aware and hurting from all the player's choices, and tries to break free. Kris from Deltarune, by Toby Fox.

Dakota is determined to find a way to enter their reality and help them.

Non original characters appearing this chapter:

-Kris Dreeemur (Deltarune)

- Sal Fisher/Sally face (Sally face)

Dakota, Chapter 0 "Another reality"

by @mariimari

-September 15, 202X- -Surdale, DR1, Core Universe N7- [I've been investigating this world, and progressed in this timeline for a long while now. It's been some time since I've gained access to the information this...multiverse provides me.]

[Being aware I'm living in a ficticious world created by a powerful force, is weird enough. and knowing that I can travel from my realitly to this one, apparently created for me is even weirder.]

[I've been traveling during my sleep to this second reality. It is weird, but I've gotten accostumbrated to it. there's even more people in this place, people who don't exist anywhere else but here. This town is called Surdale, it's a really nice place, actually]

[This is my second home, every time I go to sleep I wake up here, and from this place I can travel through different worlds. There are other people like me, as far as I've investigated. like that prosthetic face wearing blue haired guy. Sally Face, was it? I've bumped into him a few times, though we have our own different aims. apparently he can travel because of his death.]

[At least I don't have to die in order to exit my reality, I just need some good deep sleep. anyways, getting back to what I was talking about..]

[I've been invested lately into this apparently harmless videogame called Deltarune. from the same creator of Undertale, Toby Fox. I've been part of the fandom since 2015, and played Undertale about 5 times. I always chose to be a pacifist. never killed or harmed anyone. I was a thirteen year old with too much empathy for my own good.]

[I haven't dared entering the Deltarune timeline I've played, or the Undertale one I've abandoned and left alone a few years ago. not until I saw in original world some players fight against Spamton NEO. They're aware, Spanton and Kris are aware that they're being controlled by us, by the players. and Kris even had a breakdown after defeating him.]

[Next day after that, I decided to investigate about the lore, anything the players may have discovered about backstories, and possible direct links between this game's story and Undertale. I prepared myself to adventure myself in.] [How did it go, you may ask?]

-September 13, 202X- -Hometown, Deltarune Universe, Dakota's Timeline- It was night time. Kris was sitting with legs crossed over their bed, with a pie next to them, a plate with a huge slice of it on their lap. they were already soul-less, literally. the heart was trapped in a small bird cage as Kris ate his night snack, enjoying themselves.

"Eat...that..." they muffeled quietly as they ate. "goddamn...player" they smirked thinking of what might that powerful force think or fear after the last thing they saw before Kris took over again, and cut the connection.

-The string Realm- Dakota on the other hand, was on her way towards Kris's Reality. she was currently walking through a dark corridor in a place she names 'the string'. It has tons of doors which outlines shine a bright white. this place, as far as she knows, connects every reality with the other.

While at it, Dakota saw a familiar blue haired glitched man walking out of one of the doors. "Oh, hey Sal" Dakota waved at them "what are ya up to now?" "hey Kota'" Sal waved back at her "nothing much, just investigating and checking some places again" the distorsionated ghost replied.

"and you? you don't come to this part of the realm very often, you got something in mind?" Sal asks. "Uh, yeah, It's kind of complicated, I um, wanted to go to a specific universe that's connected to mine as fiction, like yours" "why?" The guy asked, slightly tilting his head.

"well" Dakota explained "I noticed that the person who the player can control, is self aware and conscious about it... I wanted to try to reach out to them but, I uhm...." she paused "You're lost?" Sal asked with what looked like a smirk "....yeah" Dakota nodded slightly embarassed, looking down.

"Guess I'll have to teach you how to summon doors at will some day soon" the man chuckles shaking his head. "why haven't you already?" Dakota asked "you never ask" "good point" "anyways, come here" Sal said

Dakota nodded as she walked up towards Sal. "now, what you gotta say is some words in latin along the specific place you want to go to...if not, it wont work, or it will lead you to a non related place. it's not.. a good experience if you mess up real bad" Dakota nodded "I'll ask about that later. what do I say?"

"you gotta say 'doors in connection' in latin, where do you wanna go? I'll help you with this one" Dakota listened to her friend carefully "Kris' room, in Home town, that's the town I want to go, in the Deltarune universe, My timeline, specifically"

Sal cleared his throat and said "Kris Locus, portae in nexu Hometown, Deltarune mundus, Dakota tempus linea" there was a white glow coming from a empty dark area, and a door appeared on it. "holy....when did you learn how to do that? and how to speak latin?" Dakota asked, amazed.

"Ash passed me the information from my mortal realm" Sal said, scratching the back of his head. "Cool, hope I can meet her someday" Dakota chirped, with a smile. "next time I'll do it myself, I can't depend on you all the time" the girl chuckled nervously. "You two would get along well, and it's alright, if you get yourself in trouble, I'm here"

"thanks, Sal, I'll get going now" Dakota said. Sal nodded and offered his hand for a high five. "Reality shifters?" "huh?" Dakota replied with a snort. "I'm working on a name, okay?" Sal laughed nervously. "Reality shifters" Dakota repeated, high fiving her ghost friend before taking the door handle. "See ya" she waved at Sal as she left the string realm.

To be continued in chapter one. thank you for reading! *follow my social media for future content related to my stories! Instagram: @La_Marimajo Quotev: @mariimari the story will continue on my quotev account. the story's name is the same. see ya!

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