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marifergc02 "Teenager and dream of being a writer"
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Imaginary Friend

by marifergc02


When I look at myself every day in the mirror, I observe myself having an excellent life ... with a friend behind me. He will never leave me

In the school

He says he will never leave me, he is always behind me. When I walk down the aisles of the school I see it in every corner of the shadows giving me a whitish smile.

When he going to stop?

Why are you still with this? When you leave me alone? After asking him those words that hurt him, the demon that hid him inside came to the light.

I´m always with you

When I go to sleep, I feel a pressure on my neck that does not allow me to breathe. When I open my eyes, I see him with tears in his eyes ... trying to kill me.

I will never forget

Before closing my eyes and losing myself in the deep and eternal darkness, his velvet voice floods my ears with those words that I will never forget

He is the Demon, He is my friend

"In life or death, I will never cease to be your imaginary friend ... I am of your imagination and you were always the one who wanted me in your life" I will never leave you, I´m your friend

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