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marifergc02 "Teenager and dream of being a writer"
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I miss you...

by marifergc02

Dear Julian

Do you remember the day I met you? When I clean your table in that restaurant and you say "I can have your number? I can not stop to see you and I really want a date with you"

Do you remember when we had our first kiss on our second date? Ohhh, I miss that moment with you a lot. Why you can not remember?

Do you remember after 2 years of relationship you say "I want you in my life"? When did you ask me to marry you in that rose park? Of course you do not remember

Our children, those children who make us happy every day of our lives. Do you remember them? They miss you a lot and still remember you. But you not to them.

Children grow up you know? Remember when we went to the graduations and weddings of each of our children? At that moment you and I realized that it was you and me against the world now.

Wrinkles, smiles and memories are left to you and me. Old photos and home videos were our time machine. I loved when you laughed every time you remembered something. But you do not do it anymore

I miss you a lot Julian, I miss you a lot after you left leaving me empty inside. Losing you was the most painful thing that could have happened to me.

That's why I leave you this long letter telling our experiences and moments together my love, so that you remember who are the ones who love you and wait for you. - With all love, Sandra

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