Walking Down the Street
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To be or not to be Some people will never be

Walking Down the Street

To be or not to be

Some people will never be

A color, a skin tone or a black person walking down the street.

My own mother fears for me,

Just because some people can not see,

The pain, the fear, the madness inside

or at night when she can hear my cries,

This world is scandalous, cruel, brutal and inhumane,

Where people don’t take our feelings inconsiderate for a damn thing.

And since I don’t get a freedom of speech,

I guess I’m just a black person walking down the street.

So If I bleed, I guess that means you bleed too

So you fear me, and kill me

Is that not what you do?

But see this has been going on for forever and ever.

1619 Save the date and maybe you’ll remember.

People screamed equality and let them be free

But they should have said equity and let them be.

Because now it’s the same thing going on and on

And maybe someday we’ll just be gone

Since I can only eat, sleep and breath and can’t even have an opinion made by me

How does that mean I’m free ?

For over 400 years

I’ve watched my people bleed

My mother, father, ancestors


But if I can make a difference

So I don’t have to go through this ignorance,

The killings

Being treated like we have no feelings,




To get rid of their little obsession

The discrimination

And all of the segregation

So I don’t have to feel like a horrible person

Just cause over 400 years you haven’t learned your lesson

And over 400 years, you’ve torn us apart

Cause in my mind you’ve hated me from the start.

And where the flag that represents you, makes you free

That flag has never represented me

For the fact that I am not blind


Or ignorant

Like you,

Just because we have a little difference

Because one silly gun can’t take me out

And to my fallen angels, well rise again

No doubt.

So yea after 400 years we’ve shed our tears

But In another 400 years we’ll still be here

Sorry to tell you but we’re here for keeps

I’m not the only black person walking down the street.

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