Writers block: Nothings.
Writers block: Nothings.  writing stories
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mariaokumuraI don't believe that happy endings exist
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Writers block

Writers block: Nothings.

By Maria Okumura

My fingers glide across the keyboard, type a few words and then stop.


They try again, deleting the previous combinations of letters.

They type away with attempted fury, but it's a lie.

Nothings there,

Nothing's new on the paper.


I sigh, and try again

and again

and again

over and over and over

but nothing sticks.

finally I close my computer, or put my paper down.

I read someone else's work

I watch a movie

I distract myself

Then I come back.

But can I write something worth while?

I type a few letters onto the screen and I know, this is it.

This is the piece.

no more block.

Or maybe I don't

Maybe it's all just crap.

Maybe I'll wait another day before starting my master piece.

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