When will it end?

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Thoughts on being in a bad relationship where the other is constantly trying to change you.

When will it end?

By Maria Okumura

I'm not good enough for you.

so I tear myself apart.

I show you my insides.

all my guts, no glory.

I pull my heart out

handing it to you on a platter

but you throw it away

I don't matter.

You say my face is pretty

but it could be better

if I fix it up

you say I'm trying to hard.

You tell me that I'm stupid

even though I get A's

at some point it dropped

and now your happier with me.

You say that I'm fat

so I try to diet it off

you say diets are stupid

so I just stop.

I no longer feel, because you destroyed my heart.

My face is lost in layer after layer of not so fun dress up.

I'm tanking my classes, ruining my future to make you happy.

I no longer eat, wreaking my body for you.

Still I'm not good enough.

"When will it end?" I asked you one day.

but all you say stays the same.

"When you're pretty."

"When you're normal."

"When you stop being like that."

"When you're good enough."


You lie.

time and time again

When will it end?

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