To him, she was perfect
To him, she was perfect cute stories

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Oliver watches Felicity asleep on a couch, noticing how perfect she is.

To him, she was perfect

By Maria Okumura

"Felicity?" Oliver shook Felicities shoulder, the blonde was fast asleep on the couch.

"mmm" She turned away.

"Felicity..." he stopped trying to wake her.

instead he stared at his gorgeous girlfriend.

She was the picture of beauty to him.

Her luscious golden hair that feel perfectly down her shoulders, though it was currently in a ponytail.

Her sweet lips, tender and kind.

Her soft smooth skin.

To him, she was perfect.

Oliver watched her for a long time before she turned and noticed him, groggy eyed.

"Oliver?" She yawned.

"Hey." he leaned down and gave her a sweet kiss, she accepted it with a blushing smile.

"I could get used to that." She commented.

"Then get used to it, I'm not going anywhere." he leaned in for another kiss.

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