Thank God for the River
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The story of the strange man, the scandalous woman and the river.

Thank God for the River

By M.O.

Down the river there used to live a strange man.

He wasn't tall or handsome or good looking in any way.

He wasn't very bright and never had much to say.

But every day he sat on the dock by his house and fished in the river.

Up the river lived the scandal of the town and her mother.

I had three sons and more skin than I cared for.

Scars covered my body inside and out, in all the wrong ways.

Three sons by one man who never knew how to love.

Up the river the youngest son fell under the water.

He floated down the stream with no hope of escape.

His brothers and I chasing him along the shore.

I was ready to drown if it meant saving his life.

Down the river the strange man heard screams coming right towards him.

a small boy was being dragged against his will straight for the dock.

The strange man took one look and dove into the river to save the boy.

The boy thrashed but the man swam and eventually the two made it back to shore.

The strange man gave the mother her child, cheered by the older brothers of the son.

The mother smiled politely offering the man dinner for his troubles.

The man blushed and agreed.

Once they ate dinner, twice they had lunch, and uncountable time's they'd shared each others company.

The two never married, or claimed the other for themselves.

but they shared the three boys and all those that came after.

still just a strange man

still just a scandal

but together they were happy.

Thank God for the river.

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