Noises in the night
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When I'm suddenly awakened by loud noises in the night I can never find the source. Whats going on?

Noises in the night

By Maria Okumura

It hits me like an anchor and I'm awake, searching the ever encroaching darkness.

I sigh and turn over onto the comforting, but empty, sheets.

An anvil drops and I shoot up, again.

Again I search the shadows invading my room.

again, nothing is there.

It's entirely dark in my crammed living space.

Edges of a dresser, a bookshelf, a desks and a chair peak out through the low beam of light cascading through the window. All covered in various objects and pieces of stray clothing.

"Clean the damn room." Janice's voice rings in my ears. My housemate hated untidy things, she was always cleaning and sorting things.

I turn away again and feel myself sinking into my covers, eyelids failing to stay open.

A loud drumming seeps into my ears, then disappears as soon as I'm up.

"What?" I call out into the empty room. The darkness creeps over the various objects in my room but nothing is out of place.

I lay down once more, determined to not fall asleep this time.

The silence invades the room yet again and I listen, blinking away my sleep.

All night I wait in silence.

Nothing happens.

The morning comes all to quickly and I resign to retrieve my lost sleep before work.

I close my eyes.

A loud noise.

I'm up.



I search for the source for hours, not finding one.

Later that day I'm walking along an aging sidewalk, still pondering the morning disturbances.

The walk lights on, it had been for some time.

I hadn't noticed it tell now. I cross the street, still slightly lost in thought.

An Anchor drops, or an anvil, maybe a drum? the noise seeps into me and I turn to see a large piano in pieces a ways ahead of me.

its an old piano, probably worth thousands. it's florid brown wood is split and scattered around the sidewalk and street.

I stop a moment.

If I had caught that the light was on sooner would I have been under the piano?

"Yeah." I whisper, "I think I would've been."

I continue forward, confident that tonight I'll rest well.

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