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mariaokumura I don't believe that happy endings exist
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I'm so very different from everyone, yet maybe I'm not?


By Maria Okumura

I'm different

I'm weird

I'm all wrong

I smile when I'm sad

I wear glasses even though I have perfect vision

I stress over everything, even when I don't care

I'm never happy, but I'm told I'm the happiest

I cry waterfalls but nothing comes out

I am alone in a room full of people

I am anxious around friends

I'm a teenage girl who is more comfortable sitting in a room with twenty men I don't know then two girls I do.

I get perfect grades but I don't understand a thing

I act like I own the world but a snowflake could break me

I say I'm tired every day and want to get better but I don't want to sleep

I don't have nightmares. even when I dream my family is being murdered, or that I'm being tortured or raped or dragged through any horror you can possibly think of.

I'm never scared, I never have nightmares.

I'm kind but I could bite your head off in a second

I'm wild but obey the rules

I never want to upset you but I don't give a damn what you think

I'm so very different

I want to be normal

But people say there's no such thing as normal...

but if no one's normal and everyone's different...

isn't everyone just normal?

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