Consequences of loving.
Consequences of loving. consequence stories

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Consequences of loving.

by mariamstories

I love you.

Three words.

Eight letters.

One sentence.

Sweetest words you can receive they say.

But they weren't there to see me the other day.

You told me those words and I was elated.

But now our love is completely deleted.

You said them in vain to shut me up.

And I believed you, how screwed up?

Those words aren't the sweetest.

They hurt, they break, and they made me the weakest.

When you lie.

That breaks the tie.

I would say I love you one more time.

But unfortunately I'm now sure your love is fake.

So go on and don't break anyone else's heart for God's sake.

Because the consequence of our loving was heart break.

One sentence.

Eight letters.

Three words.

I hate you.

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