Sleeping next to you
Sleeping next to you love stories

mariaalejandras Community member
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Sleeping next to you

by mariaalejandras

I have slept with you

I’ve never slept with anyone before, and we just sarted doing it every weekend

I learnt your favorite position and you learnt mine

I got used to your snoring and you stopped waking up everytime I moved

We start the night by holding each other

And then we turn around and our butts touch, but at 5am you turn around and hold me.

I have slept with you

and to you it might seem silly because I’m not the first one you have shared your bed with

But it is a big deal to me

And my nightmares hate you because you don’t let them be

and my heart is grateful because it gets to keep it’s pace..

And it also kind of loves you

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