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My lover

I sacrificed everything for you

Why did you hurt me so much?

Sweet Criminal

By: Mary

It was a surprise seeing you in that room. I couldn't believe it, I didn't want to.

I remembered how your tactics were so smooth, how you tried to get my attention and you did.

How you made me fall in love with you so stupidly that my lovely blindness hide me away from what I was scared to find.

I'm here because someone hurt me.

I'm here because someone hurt me. Someone tried to kill me.

I'm here because someone hurt me. Someone tried to kill me. And tried to shut my mouth because I wanted to tell the truth about what you did.

The thing is that I was trying to find the person who did it.

I couldn't care less about what you did. In my mind... I just wanted to scream in his face... “Why did you hurt me so much, That I’m scare of my own life?”

I wanted to make them pay. But then, I found you in the place of the criminal.

I found your stupid and handsome face looking at me like I'm the worst. I found the love of my life, and the one who made me believe his lies.

I loved you I cared about you I trusted you

I guess that love makes us blind

how sweet of you, here I am writting this...

while there's no scape from that sweet criminal who got under my skin

ending my life like nothing else.

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