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marghe97Mostly sad and graphic poetry.
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Guess what I cooked my love? Hey baby, wake up

The Deal

Guess what I cooked my love?

Hey baby, wake up

Why did you not call me?

I text you all the time

Where are you?

You are unreachable.

Oh love, you’re so lost

Bury your soul deep inside myself

Make your problems mine,

Don’t worry I am used to the burden and the pain

I am great at handling darkness

But you sweet innocence,

You are so fragile.

I will take care of what lies within you

Is that your biggest fear?

Let me make it real for you.

Wake up.

It’s your worst best dream:

Someone is taking care of you

What do you do?

God, you’re not used to being loved.


Come back.

Where are you going love?

Have you forgotten that I have your soul buried within me?

Oh love, that’s what happens when you sell yourself for some happiness

Don’t play with fire.

Now you’re eternally dead inside,

Your eyes don’t shine anymore.

Welcome the real world,

You just sold your soul to the devil.

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