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marghe97 Mostly sad and graphic poetry.
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I miss you
And I miss feeling the metal against my skin


Suicidal Love

I miss you

And I miss feeling the metal against my skin

The adrenaline rushing through my blood,

About to leave my wrist,

As soon as I press the blade against it

There’s something extremely beautiful about that

It’s twisted and so against our own nature

We have the power to take our own lives and to give life

But we barely have the power and will to stay alive

Isn’t that so amazingly sad?

Now there’s blood on the sink as we talk about deep philosophical nonsense

It doesn’t even matter anymore,

We are both dead.

Now there’s blood on the floor, and a smile on my face

It’s finally over,

I don’t have to suffer anymore,

And neither do you.

Love, Love, Love,

That’s what it’ll do to you my darling, he said

And I laughed,

Yes, I smiled because I knew he loved me greatly

And he was scared.

Now there’s my family, friends, and people who supposedly care about me at my funeral

Now they’re crying, caring

Who knew they felt that way about me?

It’s always too late to love, and never too early to hate

Now there’s the hundredth website about suicide prevention,

Thanks for trying I guess, she said as she took her last breath.

Love, Love, Love, I miss you.

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