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marghe97Mostly sad and graphic poetry.
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At least now I know that I have a good reason to look at the stars and cry.



I spend my nights awake thinking about you

And what we could have been

I wonder where this pain comes from

I do not want to accept the fact that it is you

You asked for too much and I did not ask at all

You loved me, I abused that because I’ve never learned how to love

I am sorry, I know I fucked you over

Every word, every poem, every thought, it’s always you

You’re that part of me that I’ve been always scared of,

That I got to know and I wasn’t ready for

I thought I was, but you scared me.

Too fucking happy, that’s right happiness is extremely frightening

We would rather be afraid, lonely, and scared, than loved and happy

We would rather suffer than embrace each other.

Call it crazy, but that’s us, our nature

It’s what makes us too perfectly amazing for each other

It’s what makes us so different, and too similar

We damage each other and kill one another with our own twisted minds

I miss you

No one understands me like you do,

I feel lonely without you

And I have myself to blame

Nights keep me company and so do my thoughts.

Alcohol, drugs, poems, and art are our best friends to cover the pain

Thank you for giving me a taste of happiness

And what we could have been

Now we look inwards because we both have lost a part of each other to one another

And that’s okay

I’ve always been lost because I gave myself to the wrong people, but you were the perfect person to get lost to.

At least now I know that I have a good reason to look at the stars and cry.

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