Burnt out Love
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marghe97Mostly sad and graphic poetry.
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You’re the fire and I am your fuel.
Inseparable, but deadly.

Burnt out Love

We met in such a weird way, But then again, our brief but ethereal story was as well.

You were the perfect person for me, or at least I thought so until you showed me your demons.

Baby, I had some of my own as well But you loved them.

You loved to take care of me, and my vulnerabilities You were all I have been looking for in my life.

We matched perfectly, And that’s how I learned that love and compatibility are not the same.

I wish they were, I miss how our hands looked so beautiful when intertwined.

Our story was a roller costar, Both of us put together: You’re the fire and I am your fuel. Inseparable, but deadly.

We talked for weeks, then we did not at all.

We were a perfect match, Maybe that’s why we burnt out.

You always told me I was your goddess, I was your Persephone, and you my Hades.

We were in love with death, And came close to it often.

You told me that you adored beauty, And that it’ll be the death of you.

Rest in peace, You’ve always loved the underworld.

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