A dance on roses?
A dance on roses? rose stories

margana Community member
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The ocean, the sky, the love.

A dance on roses?

The wind brushes like waves in my hair

im frozen, but the clock dosent care

the oceans motions talks while sun makes a path

wanna walk it with joy and shatter my wrath

fistfull of sand, dropping like the days dissapear

riding on waves, like the ones in my hair without fear

black, yet so bright

the stars glow, like the city in the night

the clouds fail as the darkness arrive

but tonsure is here so beautiful and alive

the sun return as the day come

the 24 hour cycle is the mother of everyone

Love is like the ocean and the sky

sappyness and happynes, feelings makes you feel high

nature show us the beauty of the darkness,

but when it comes to love it makes us feel hopeless

words and action is the key, trust is the lock

joy is behind the door and the secrets under the rug

the truth is.. life is not a dance on roses

and the truth is sometimes blazing.. but you are amazing.

you are truly amazing

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