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A war is coming as thunder cracked in the night sky lighting it up in a neon blue hue. Three children unable to escape from their destinies unlock hidden keepsakes that transform their lives and it's not what they bargained for. Anthony a.k.a Ray is in his senior year and is about to be split from his brother Nathan for the first time. As the first year of college is just around the corner and the boys head on a final class trip things take a turn for the dangerous. As history of what really happened in the family murders comes to light and with it the existence of the impossible. Setting them on a journey to find out why their real identities were hidden from? What lurks in the enchanted libraries? And how to stop the war that's coming, on the way will their friendship survive the tests that are yet to come or the greatest lie's that have been told? Will peace be restored to the realms?

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by Me

Its a book I am writing on wattpad my at is @Marebear700 if you could please give me a follow, comment and vote that would be great!

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