A Mellow Meadow
A Mellow Meadow organic stories

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The Melodrama of Human Nature.

A Mellow Meadow

“What are you thinking about?”

Radian’s question brought Lucia back to reality. She had been staring at the sky for the past ten minutes, with a faint smile on her face. She hadn’t noticed Radian looking directly at her, with a confused posture and a sadden face.

“Nothing, really.” The half-smile disappeared without a trace and her eyes opened wide. She avoided direct eye contact. The wind was on her favor, blowing her hair and covering half her face.

“You are not happy, are you?” “I am happy for you,” her tone was weak but her shoulders had stiffened up. “I wish you were happy.” He said at the end of a loud sigh. “I wish you were happy too.” She turned and look at him with a water downed smile.

“I guess this is it then, isn't it?"” He lowered his head, looking down to the grass. Both legs bent with the knees pulled back, up to his chest, and his elbows resting on his knees.

She was sitting next to him but, because she had rested her back against the tree trunk, her torso was shifted a little bit away from him. The tree was her accomplice. It cover her emotions by casting a clever shade on her and forcing her ergonomics away from Radian.

To her silence he responded, “I knew it; this is the end.”

She got up. She walked up to him without patting the dirt off her buttocks. She stood right in front of him. After a few seconds, and because he didn’t lift up his head, or maybe in spite of him not lifting up his head, she bent down and give him a motherly kiss on his oily hair, on the crown of his head.

“You are wrong," she whispered. "This is a beginning,” and at that, she walked away.

They both shed tears that neither one saw in each other. And they will probably never find out about each other's tears. Some were tears of loss and fear. Others tears were of relief and joy.

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