Spiral of Misery
Spiral of Misery depression stories

marauderhealth Mentally defeated potato
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The only place in reality where I belong

Spiral of Misery

The depths of this whirlpool are... astonishing. Unreal.

Its cold, gripping tentacles that latch onto you and refuse to let go ever increasing in number the deeper you go.

And there is simply no end in sight. Sometimes when staring down into the depths of that abyss, you could swear the bottom is already much closer than any way up and out of the maelstrom.

But you know what? Some of you do know, don't you...

The pull of the debilitating and numbing deeps is nigh-irresistible.

Knowing for a fact this dark is likely a very close companion, after successfully driving away every small, however bright, light in a life.

Caressing you in its depths, in its cold, terrible embrace cocooned in slime and tentacle and dripping, suffocating chill.

Who knows how deep these depths go? Being unworthy of light, anything positive - why not take a peek at what waits in the deepest parts of the abyss?

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