A Tale of Six Idiots (Photograph 1)
A Tale of Six Idiots (Photograph 1) six idiots stories

mar_de_colores you cannot handle the flow, son
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The first of many photographs taken during the journey.

A Tale of Six Idiots (Photograph 1)

A photo of six people. In the very middle is Reid Powers, their red hair pulled back in a low ponytail.

They're wearing a knee-length yellow skirt and a white t-shirt tucked in that reads 'In my defense, I was left unsupervised.'

To their right are Leslie Song and Ren Cairi. Both are dressed in professional-looking black uniforms. Both are glaring at each other. Both have swords strapped to their back.

To Reid's left are Zana Powell, and Arlo Green, Selene Archer.

Zana looks like she's about to murder someone and look fabulous doing it: her dark brown hair is pulled back in an elegant high ponytail and she's wearing a suit.

Arlo has on a dark red flannel and cargo pants, the top half of his dark-brown dreadlocks braided back out of his eyes.

He's smiling but in a slightly nervous way, as if he can't quite believe he's there. Last in the line is Selene, dressed quite elegantly in a light blue blouse and black slacks.

Her dark hair is pulled back in two dutch braids so perfect they probably shouldn't exist. She has a serene, if slightly confused, smile on her face.

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