My first Contest! ( MapleDxxx )
My first Contest!

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mapledxxx i like to write.
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Read all the pages for info on this contest.
If still unsure, ask! I will be more than happy to explain.Once again, thanks so, so much, I really owe you guys!

Merry Christmas!
- Maple😉

P.s. Sorry, but I unfortunately won’t be uploading any stories for the rest of the year. This is due to the fact I’m going away for Christmas with my family and I won’t have time to write. I may pop up in an occasional post or two though, so don’t get discouraged! But be prepared for lots and lots of posts in the new year!

My first Contest! ( MapleDxxx )

( To all of you ) You are the most kindest, supportive, amazing people on this planet! This is why I’m hosting a contest! You have until December 31st to create a prologue to I’m always by your side ( Entry’s submitted in 2022 will not be counted )

Anyone can enter, you just have to be following me. Your story’s can be any length, though I’d recommend around 20 - 40 pages! Tag your post with ‘ I’m always by your side’. Story’s will only be counted if titled : The Prologue To I’m Always By Your Side.

The winner will win a follow, a like on their post, a chat with me ( Times will be discussed ), and have their story be reposted by me ( of course with mild alterations ). They will be credited in the description and get an entire post focused around their amazing story!

The 2 second place winners will also get a like and a follow, as well as being shouted out in the announcement post!

Quick Recap : Rules - Has to be following me to enter - Has to be comfortable with me reposting their story and chatting with them ( if not, please put in your description that you don’t want to be first )

How to enter - Tag your post with I’m always by your side - Title your post with : The Prologue To I’m Always By Your Side ( You can enter more than once but both your stories can’t be chosen as winners )

Judging The judge will be me and I will only be reading posts which have followed all the criteria listed previously. I will be judging on 3 factors : - Creativity - Plot - How well it flows into part one

Prizes 1st place : Follow, like, private chat with me, have their story be reposted and credited by me and a shoutout in the announcement post . 2nd and 3rd place : Follow, like and shoutout in the announcement post

Winners announced on January 1st, 2022! If your unsure on any of the rules, don’t be afraid to ask me! Good luck to everyone entering and Merry Christmas! Maple 😉

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