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This is a unique story of a man who his boss ask him to sleep with a business client in other to get a business contract , not minding the marital status of this man, now the wife got to know about it, now read more to see what went on.



We do everything for love just to protect that very person we are afraid of losing , in 1956, I got married to Nya smith she was a kind of woman every man on earth will ever dream of having ,

I always love Nya and I try always to be the best man she ever known until when I got to meet debbie in 1957 at a bar , the first time I saw debbie , I belive she was a moral person ,

until then I never knew who she is,

debbie was standing with a guy , and I and mark were sitting far a little from them

Mark looking at me smiling, I said what?

Mark replied why are you looking at that girl over they . mark cut that shit off , I just look , I replied

Well we left sanpcloud bar and when I mean we, am talking about I and mark

I reach my home and Nya was not looking good I mean by the expression on her face , she was not looking good , am her husband and I know when my wife is not fine , she was not confortable .

I said sweetheart why you nervous ,

She replied am , am not

Well that is so dark , I replied

She said okay . your boss came over and he said you are to attend a business trip in Russia .

I replied what?.... is that why you angry

we all know If I do not go too work , I will not be able to take care of you and our kids ,

But she replied are you the only person in that company , at least they should leave you have time with your family.


I said to my self dam , she kinda right about what she is saying , maybe is time I stay a little with my family,and I Have known Nya since from nine grade .

I said to Nya am sorry love , but I promise this is going to be the last deal and I will be off .

Well I and mark work for the same company , for long.

so I and mark were choosing for this trip to russia ,well i must confess i and mark was so happy to be going to Russaia ,

dam it was our first time ever and for long i have always wanted to visit Russia .

I said to mark.. mennn this just a dream come through,

Yeah bro this is the best ever , replied mark.

That day we went to take our letters from the office , and we got our ticket, the company has already paid for our trip , the next day I could not wait to get into Russia,

you know something , when you ever wanna travel to a place , you have never been before you know the kinda feelings you get. Yeah, thats how I was feelings, do you know what?

that night I was unable to sleep, I can not just wait for the day to come

Next morning wow.. I kiss my beautiful wife and queen, and went off , i and mark flight was by 2.

30pm , we waited until it was our flight, mennn we off to Russia for a business trip , but to me and mark it was a holiday.

At Russia we meet different things , wow I love one thing about them, their hospitality, yeaahhhh

The girl at the hotel ask us if we were bored? we replied ,no we are not

Later that day we went clubbing something I have never done before , I said to myself thank God Nya is not here, because I knew , she will never allow me do that.

Well it was a Monday morning , we were to meet our business clients , well it was nice but something happen that make me , kinda shock.

In the meeting with our clients I excuse myself and went off to the bathroom to refresh myself , coming out of the bathroom , I saw the lady , i and mark meet at the sanpcloud bar,

I was a little nervous .

I said hi

She look at me and said ohhhhhh you are hart right

I replied yeahhh . I am

She said is my pleasure meeting you again.

You welcome I replied

She smile at me, then went off .

I went back to the meeting room, I keep wondering , what she is doing in Russia .

At the hotel room i told mark that i saw debbie , even mark was shock , he was

Are you for real hart? yeahhhh I said , we even said hello to each other.

But I said no problem, at least Russia is a place anyone can visit, so we should not be surprise about her or anyone we know of.

Mark said yeahhhh you are damnnnn right bro

Mark how many time have i told you not to call me bro?

I ask mark.

But in his defense he said something that got me laughing.

Menn forget about that, this is the black community talk , so if you do not want me to called you that shit, then you got to layout my way , bro.. Mark replied.

Next morning was Tuesday, well I got a chance to meet with our client, managring directors, we were talking about how we going to expand the business, when debbie interupted ,

by calling one of the directors , well I turn to yang hinka which he is a director in that company .

What is the position of that lady in your company? , I ask

He turn to me with a surprise on his face , and replied that is the CEO of our company

I said ohhh sorry I never knew, wow it amazing .

I told this to mark , he said wow, little did we know about this company.

We got a chance to talk with her about the business, she was kind interupted , by something I do not know , because she was contantly , bitting her lips , and that was so wired,

I do not like that.

I told mark about what she was doing , he said he saw it , and could not ascertain the meaning of that , well that night we went clubbing , but do not get me wrong ,

clubbing dose not mean I go to clubs to bang on women, no am not, I respect my wife and she is okay for me , but what we do in club is that we pay money ,

and watch the girls dances to entertain us.

Two days after that , I got a call from my wife she was complaining that our son is sick ,

I ask her if she have taken him to the hospital?.

She said yes , that she already did before calling me.

I was so happy in hearing that, and there is one thing I love about my wife Nya , when she is at home, i am never afraid that something is going to happen to our children, she always got my back.

Before cutting the call with her, I kiss her through the phone . and I told her I was left with two weeks , for the business and soon I will be with them .

She said , what so ever, just may sure you stay safe, and she said something that surprise me .

Hart please sweetheart stay safe for me and your children , and if you wanna bang any girl , always use protection. She said

I said to myself what kinda woman I have ?, thanks to God for this kinda woman .But I never bang any woman , but she saying that means she cares about me and my safety.


After I hang off the call from Nya , mark came in he told me that our business, partners , wanted to meet with us , well I hurry up , and we meet with them.

We talk for long and finally they agree that we will partner with them.

That night debbie call me , and ask me to call my boss, that my boss want to talk with me , I said thank you very much, I call my boss and he said this.

Hello hart we are about to get a deal of $40 billion dollars , with our client but all what the CEO need is for you to have sex with her,

I said what? For God sake , I am married , and you know that , why are you asking me to sex someone , I just meet because of business.

He replied look hart forget about the family , this is business, nobody will know , just do it.

I replied with due respect sir I can not.

If you do not agree with this and lets get this deal, count yourself out of the company said my boss

Well I was so down that day , I did not know what to do , I was thinking of calling my wife to tell her , but mark told me it will be a bad idea.

I got no choice than to leave Russia that day , back to New jesery.Nya was kinda surprise to see me , but I cover up by telling her , my boss said I should come and rest a little with my family.

That day my boss came by my house , I told him the truth , I can not do it,

He said . that is a lie , the company need me . and he promise of giving me 5% of the money from the deal and elevate me to the position of CEO.

Wow you all know that is so nice at least now I can get more pay .

I replied to myself , what about Nya , with all her loyalty to me , this what she gets.

But something run through my mind if I get the money ,Nya will also enjoy it , the problem is not that am not rich , I am rich but you all know money is not okay.

So I went back to Russia the next day , I meet with debbie , and will you believe I spent three weeks with her , just for that shit , she was not still okay, she wanted me to marry her.

I told her , I am happily married with two kids and am not ready to committ any act of bigamy, that is against the laws.

She said,she make the law , I told her , may be but am not among that shit . I travel back to jesery to meet with my wife , and sometimes, I look at her and i feel as to tell her what I did .

that day mark came by my house. well my family had already move to another house , this one i bought it at a high rate , and I did not sell the other house , I just put it up for rent.

Mark ask me .. you are happy now? I said what kinda question is that I was always happy

Mark as my friend and I as a CEO of my company , I took my friend to the position of a managering director, he was glad , I could tell from his facial expression.

That evening debbie was at my place , so i did not want Nya to hear any of our discussion , i excuss debbie , took her out to a bar , debbie is a devil in a whit garment ,

do you know she had a record of some of our sex , which i and her did , and she said said if i do not , cut the marriage with Nya and get married to her , she will show it to Nya .

All night i could not sleep , all i did was thinking what to do, Nya woke up that night .


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