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it is about joy and it pleasures.


it seems as if i am the world,

crazist person right now,

because i woke up this morning

i found out i was just smiling,

and when i look at the mirror,

i look cool,

it was as if there is a party going on,

in my heart,

i could not stop,

it was healing me,

but i knew i never had any issue,

but it was more that a nurse,

it gave me all the treatment,

so i walk pass a cafe,

and you know what a man came out of the cafe ,

and said ‘son’ why are you smiling ,

are you okay,

well to me he was the one that was not okay,

i ask my self why will he ask me such question,

he said again ‘son what is making you smiling’

i reply ‘sir i got no reason which i know there is a reason but yet untold to me’

he look at me and said ‘good’,

should i call the nearby hospital,

i look at him i said sir did you wake up this,

morning he said ‘yes’

i said sir can we take a photo,

he said yes ,

suddenly we took one photo,

and when i look at the photo the old man was smiling,

i turn to him i said ‘sir why where you smiling in this photo’

he said i got the reason,


he turn to me and said ,‘son’ that is joy for an untold reason.

sometime we need no reason, joy is a spirit that is within you and in you. treat it well.

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