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mansfieldatambe God child,Author, poet and more join me.
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reading this poem you might be confused , because it seems the poem is confused , when you read it, well this poem dshow how confusion is.


Lying down on my soft sofa ,

that was make with 20,000 dollars,

my cellings telling lies that seems,

true to me ,

I feel i am confused,

it is obvious that ,

i might be confused,

because it will obvious look,

as if i am telling a lie,

but obviously speaking,

it seems i am confused,

because obvious been confused,

is just a states,

That will obviously pass away,

because i am confused,

and that obviously means,

it may be confusion, because ,

it feels confused, when is not

but i am still looking at my door,

okay what if i said i was confused,

when you because it as if been ,

confused seems as if it will confused,

when it will not confused ,

because i am not confused,

so obviously i am confused,

Because the last time i visited,

her ,

her kiss kept me wondering,

it was a medal,

so do not be obviously be,


because it feels as if ,

it is already confusing you,

please do not be confused,

because it seems, as if i was the one ,


when really you where still reading,

this exact poem, because it seems,

the poem is confused,

so that means you are confused,

by this poem,

please accept my apologize ,

because it seems it is obviously ,


That why it will confused.

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