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Almost Pt. 1

Background: Year is 2020, at the opening ceremony for a Social services office. The manager is speaking about what drove him to open the office

Growing up I learned early on that there was this comfort and calmness in darkness

I was always the new kid

My family was very violent and aggressive

I had drug-addicted parents

We were moving from place to place a lot went to 40 or 50 schools

Always seemed to be going to a new school every other week

I woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning by some cops to run across the country

And wake up in a new city and new state

Only to do it all over again a couple of days later

I was a used to being the new kid

Never really making friends just hanging around

I was told that was worthless by just about everybody in my life

And when you told you worthless enough you will believe it then you're going to do everything you can to make everybody else agree with it too

So I did I wrapped that darkness around me like a blanket use it as a shield it would keep the few that would agree with me close but it kept everybody else away

It would keep the few that would agree with me close but it kept everybody else away

I always had heard in life that there was good people and bad people

I must be one of the bad people so I guess I would have to just do what I was supposed to do

So I got really aggressive 12, 13 years old I got really into heavy metal music

End part 1 Please tell me what you want to see in the next part

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