Those talons.
Those talons. stories

mannbleakblandA legend not yet heard of.
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Those talons.

A diminishing mentality, and no real sense of self. Anxiety from not fitting in, but unable to censor myself. I need help I need help, my plea has falling on deaf ears. I'm in search of and desperately need uh mortal soul with the ability to hear. What can I do? I mean it should be quite clear, the time has drawn near but has now sped by and currently lies far from here.

Don't expect those creatures to reach out. None of them have hands, or a soul. A bunch of dime a dozen philosophers, themselves the main goal. Talons like hooks with a deadly ark. They rip and tear straight to the heart. Unaware of this impending doom. It locks on me in my infinite gloom. It swoops and it grabs a hold of me, it's shreds and it breaks I feel the hooks stab me.

Unhinging and watching from a third person point of view as it rips to bits and slices right through. I pay no mind, this is long over due. It pulls out my heart. Make sure the damn thing is dead, is all ask it to do. I lay down. Blackness from my soul pours out to taint this holy ground. Days go by the light never gets closer and the darkness just doesn't creep in. To my surprise this is just where the story begins.


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