The Bullfrogs Revenge
The Bullfrogs Revenge   stories

mannbleakbland A legend not yet heard of.
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The Bullfrogs Revenge

Whatchu doing here Toby, yous just uh bullfrog and you know it. Your soul is murky and you dont croak loud enough, Toby! If you was hopping yuh little green ass of the street I squash you like a jelly packet Toby. That's the cold hearted reality for a bullfrog in the big city Toby. You ain't got no special skills nor do you have opposable thumbs.

You is slippery and green eating every fly in the vicinity, I don't understand you Toby and I don't think I ever will. Toby had some personal reassessments to take into account. A frog on a log no more Toby said to himself. Toby had to change things before he croaked. People seem to underestimate the power of the mighty American bullfrog.

To be continued.....

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