I confess that im a flawed human being. By: Mann Bleakbland
I confess that im a flawed human being.

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I confess that im a flawed human being. By: Mann Bleakbland

I can't tap my fingers quick enough I'll never be able to escape my mind I'm complacent to hating my life I'm really running out of time I've worked for shit jobs Some of my friends are shit people I somewhat believe in God I'm just afraid of a house with a steeple

Maybe I could chase a dollar sign Or a cheap excuse for love I could confide in the bottle Or uncontrollable drugs I try my best to not hate others happiness And others success I practice and practice I'm still not the best

You can be bold Or unsung Will i grow old or kick it while im young Such restricting confines of smart mind that plays dumb I guess I can speculate It could be that i never reevaluate

I got no bankable skills No higher education To much of my time i kill Planning to escape my shit situation Daddy was a loser maybe that's my destiny I can't deny some things do mess with me

Mother is a rock When shes gone, then what What leads you to light And makes you not hate yourself Especially alone at night

I hate the anxiety I'm truly sick of the feeling I can't fight it off with antibiotics Or a high dose of penicillin I couldn't afford it even if I wanna All kidding aside im probably a goner

Its no laughing matter but i do laugh It makes it easier to not be afraid Afraid of watching time pass Afraid that ill end up last Afraid that there is a disease in me Afraid that it's slow growing Afraid that it'll poison me Afraid it'll take me without knowing

I guess all you can do is hold your head high Hope the disguise disguises it I'm a flawed human being And i can't deny it


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