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mannbleakbland A legend not yet heard of.
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Dissection of the randomly selected.

Hi, I'm Dust Retro. I was born in a video game. One of those classic ones you can just mindlessly play for hours. You could be like me a mindless character with out a thought in the world. I had nothing to live for, I just did whatever the one that hold the controls is thinking in that moment. Maybe it's a mind of mush or a mind of genius.

But mostly it was the mind of a child, walking me in circles and killing me. I had no control, and for the most part no conscious. A normal existence actually, but none of the hassle. I woke, I was where I needed to be. Things always went as planned. I would narrowly escape the massive explosions, avoid those speeding bullets. And I would always get the girl. And the ultimate reward.

The system was flawless, an infinite number of chances equals always accomplishing your goal. That was before operation modified conscious happened. What is modified conscious? That's a good question. It's the virus that was introduced to every copy of my game "Biblical Biohazard".

The change was gradual. I discovered the feeling of self doubt first. It was very subtle, I was fighting one of Kidd Zenod's prized fighting gorillas in the realm of the forever rotting, as I OD on space morphine. Searching for that busty blonde lady I met a day ago, for some gold and a special "treasure". Then all of a sudden im reevaluating all of my life choices.

I didn't pay much attention it wasn't slowing me down but that was just the start of my journey to consciousness and the world of mortality.

The End

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